I trust that all is well, as discussed I have attached the research paper guide line Note: Please read carefully chapter 6 from your lecture text book to have an extensive insight on the written assignment. I would like for you to use APA style format as it will help you to develop your writing skills for your future carrier. The college library provides sample of APA writing format for free. Please check BCCC library web page.  Develop a three to five pages document that does not include the cover and the reference pages . Your written document should cover the following core points.  Erwin Schrödinger’s proposal regarding the characteristics of electrons behavior, (What he meant by wave like behavior and particles like behaviors).  Electromagnetic radiation (explain its propriety in terms of wave length (λ) and frequency (v).  Explain how ground state and excited state of electrons differ ( provide examples that support your explanation)  What are quantum numbers? Include definitions of orbital, shells, sub shells and the meaning of the letters s, p d and f.  Explain electron configuration of atoms, Hund’s rule and the significance of valance electrons. You are welcome to use additional sources other than your text book. If you would have questions regarding the research paper please see me after class or send me e – mail. Thanks, Wendweson Fikire Associate Professor of Chemistry CHE 101/102 lecture and Lab Instructor