Drug Delivery Techniques and Nanotechnology for Disease Therapy

Describe the current research in this area (the format should be similar to a review article). It should include
1) Basic background info (i.e. history of drug delivery for disease therapy; goal of these new current drug techniques and nanotechnology).
2) A detailed description of the biochemical topic or problem you researched (studying new drug delivery systems, or why this work is happening etc.).
3) A logical description of current and past research on the topic that explains the 3 different drug systems/techniques – DNA origami, red blood cells, and carbon nanoparticles. Write about each of the three delivery systems currently being studied explaining the experiment done and success and failures. Give a brief description of the results found for several research groups that are studying the topic of interest.
4) Write a conclusion summarizing the work and where future research in this area needs to focus. Be sure to talk about if the research was effective and why it is important to our society.
Sources must be research articles.