Include a chart or an excel sheet that shows what you have consumed (foods and beverages) for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks each day for at least 3 days. Include the amount of calories and nutrient factors (carbohydrate, protein and fat) from each item. You can use an online calorie calculator or the site you have been using for your journal log to calculate the calories and nutrient contents that you consumed. Compare your results with the calorie intake recommended in your textbook from this week’s reading. 1. Give an estimate of what you should eat, including the number of calories. What percentage of your daily calories actually come from each meal? (Calculation: breakfast calories/total calories consumed that day)x100 (Give calculated percentage for each meal per day charted for full credit. Please show your work. this can also be included as another column in your chart.) 2. Do your eating habits align to what the textbook recommends? Elaborate. 3. If not, what changes can you make to develop a consistently healthy meals? You should write a least a paragraph analyze each meal separately. Please include information/comparisons from the text and not only speak to habits (ex: not eating breakfast), but also quality of foods (ex: added sugars, sodium levels) NOTE: You may have to separate items to get the calorie count. For example, if you had a breakfast burrito, you may have to get the calories for the tortilla, meat, eggs, etc. NOTE: I expect more than a sentence or two analyzing your dietary habits. Give specific examples; don’t simply say you will “eat healthier”. Please be thorough in addressing the assignment, using complete sentences and appropriate citations.