Practicum discussion

Please discuss the following questions in your Practicum Discussion: • How does this project fulfill one arm of the mission of public health: social justice? • How does it contribute to social change? • Discuss your role as an advocate and health care leader in promoting positive social change as a scholar-practitioner to improve the health of vulnerable populations in your community. Resources Stanhope, M., & Lancaster, J. (2016). Public health nursing: Population-centered health care in the community (9th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier. • Chapter 2, “History of Public Health and Public and Community Health Nursing” (pp. 22–43) • Chapter 6, “Application of Ethics in the Community” (pp. 121–138)

Learning in Conflict Response

Objective 5: Explore the value of a learning stance in conflict scenarios. Often our immediate response to conflict is “fight or flight” or “violence or silence.” For sure, the other person is “the bad guy.” The third way is to adopt a learning stance and find out your partner’s “stories.” Think about sitting together on one side of a table and addressing the “problem” as the impasse, not one another. Learning Activity #6: Learning in Conflict Response Read the Difficult Conversations guide provided on p. 245 of your textbook. Interpersonal Conflict 9th Edition by Joyce Hocker and William Wilmot Also, watch the WK2 Managing Difficult Conversations Video provided at the link below: Write a 1-page paper responding to the following:  Discuss the importance of “learning conversations” in a conflict situation.  How does this idea run counter to how we usually feel when in a conflict?

Global warming

According to Gallup, an American research-based consulting company known for its public opinion polls, the worry of global warming is at an eight-year high. A recent poll shows about 70% of Americans believe that global warming is real and the effects of it have already begun. However, even within these statistics, there is still a great divide between those who think that global warming is an important issue, what money should be invested into it, what effects it has, or even what exactly is causing it. Looking closer at the issue of climate change, do you believe that it is an important problem in our country to address? Why or why not? What measures, if any, should be taken to help with global warming? What role should the United States take when it comes to climate change? Or has the U.S. invested too much time and money into climate change, ultimately costing jobs and development? Pick a side and present evidence regarding this issue.

Writer’s choice premium

This is a philosophy paper: Good morning, This is a philosophy paper but it has a unique structure. It structure implies four things: introduction, position, objection, and reply. This is a persuasive essay, convince the reader with your point. The reading documents are attached. introduction: I suppose to have a paragraph that has a topic sentence and tells what are position: it is your stand point ( you think this is true/ correct) here is my outline. This is the regress argument: Suppose that all justification is inferential when we justify belief A by appeal to belief B and C, (we did not justified belief A yet) we have only show A ’s justification is conditional based on the justification of B, and C. However, if all inferential justification is conditional; nothing can be shown to be justified. Objection: you are attacking your position, and it should be as strong as your position; however, this is not compare and contrast. You are just telling why the position is incorrect. The objection should be one paragraph. The objection is this: the only way to escape the skeptical thrust of the regress argument is to conclude with the foundationalism that some beliefs are justified non-inferentially. To avoid this conclusion is to show that the regress argument is fallacious. The three types of non-infallibility beliefs justified: beliefs justified by something other than beliefs; beliefs that justify themselves; and beliefs that don’t need justification. These three types of beliefs stop regress. Reply: you are attacking the objection not defending your position ( when you reply to it just think how to attack the objection). Please make the objection and the reply, each of which has two paragraphs. Please when you use words such as infallible define it like this, it is something that can be false; however, if you have to use it again don’t define it. you only have to define words like this one time throughout the paper. intro: small paragraph, use topic sentence, tell me what you are doing, be ready friendly. States what are you going to do in the paper. Be specific. Define your terms. State what is the philosophical problem. Position: try to convince me, use I that encourages you to be argumentative. Put you self in the paper to make it argumentative. Pick the best reasons. Try to you use your own words. Objection: attack the premise of the position. It should be support it as much as we support the position, please don’t compare and contrast. Reply: it is objection to the objection, attach the objection why it is not true. Works cited: if you quote some one words say from who. if you paraphrase some thing say from where you got it (idea) tell, especially with examples. Please, show you own examples if you can. Leave plenty of room to explore your own objection. Please put Discards voice in any of the three structure other than the introduction.

Business decision

For this assignment, you will prove the validity of a claim by presenting concrete information that can be used to persuade your audience. You will have an opportunity to argue for or against a specific business decision and provide evidence to support your position. Write a 700- to 1,050-word argumentative essay on a business decision that you would like to propose. Include the following: • Explain the business decision. • Discuss why the business decision is valid or not valid based on your argument. • Identify the logical structure of each argument within the essay by placing the number in bold at the beginning of each argument. For example (not to be included as part of your assignment): Scenario: Recently the city has shared there will be a water restriction to all homeowners for the next 12 months for conservation efforts. Residents will be allowed to water their yards one time per month. Argument: As a homeowner, I am in clear disagreement with the city’s new water restriction for homeowners. If I am unable to water the yard, (1) then my flowers will die, resulting in a negative return on investment. (2) The dry land may cause foundation issues to the property, resulting in potential repair costs. If I am unable to water the lawn, (3) the dry yard and soil will not provide a good curb appeal for the property, which will negatively affect resale value. Because of this, I do not agree with the water restriction imposed by the city. I propose a more lenient water conservation program, such as the one implemented by XYZ County. XYZ County’s water restriction program allowed residents to water twice per week. Cite at least 1 reference. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines

Patterns of Governance in the Axial Age or The Individual in the Axial Age

Choose ONE (1) of the following two topics and write an essay of between 500 and 750 words (about 2–3 typed, double-spaced pages) that addresses the issues raised in the prompt. Remember to structure your responses — with an opening statement, presentation of evidence, and a conclusion — and keep in mind that a coherent argument and presentation of solidly based evidence are important elements in such writing. Pick between either topic. Please use the readings I provided in the files. Cite.


Description of Assignment: Each student will create a timeline of his/her own development from adolescence through present time. Identify 3 “life events” that are “significant” in reflecting and/or shaping the person you have been, are, and continue to become. The 3 life events are to represent biological, psychological [cognitive, affective, behavioral or any other psychological considerations], social environmental and spiritual dimensions of yourself. The paper is to contain the following sections: • Timeline graphic • Formal narrative—written in first person—that: a. describes each event (please make a heading for each event). Include the basic information about what happened. Please also address the following in the description: 1) Micro level (at what age, stage of development, and in what settings—natural and physical environments—did the events take place) 2) Mezzo (what mezzo level systems were involved in the event – family, small groups) 3) Macro level (During what year did the events take place, and what was going on in “the larger society” that may have had an impact on your experiences?). 3) Any considerations of diversity? (Did diversity play a part at all in this experience for you? If it did not, please indicate this.) b. explains the event’s significance to your development (biopsychosocial/spiritual). Make sure to address all four dimensions. • Concluding statement entitled “Implications for Social Work Practice” in which you identify strengths and limitations for effective social work practice that you draw from your life events (how these life events may strengthen or may hamper your practice) MINIMUM LENGTH: 5 pages. MAXIMUM LENGTH: 8 pages. Typed/word processed, double-spaced, 12 point font, with 1″ margins.

immigrant’s life in America and social conflict in America.


There is one required question you must answer You must also answer 3 out of 7 additional questions Each response is limited to a maximum of 350 words Which three questions you choose to answer are up to you: But you should select questions that are most relevant to your experience and that best reflect your individual circumstances. (You can write around 300 to 350 words to each question for me.) The website below is 8 questions that transfer students need to answer in college admission essay. Ps: Choose 3 questions and 1 require question to answer. my background: I’ve lived in United States almost 3 years. I am a waiter working in a restaurant. I only work on Saturday and Sunday. From Monday to Friday, I spend my time on learning at a community college. My dream job is a banker. I don’t why I want to be a banker. You can just make reasons that can relate to economics. tips: (Influence by someone or background that makes me want to be a banker) I also don’t have any experience such as volunteer or internship experience. I only have the restaurant experience. I ever done 2 jobs that work in a long time. At first, I worked in a Chinese restaurant, this working community didn’t require much English skills. After 1 year, I realize I can’t stay in this working environment anymore. I need to jump out from this community. So, I quit this job and work in a all English restaurant. – make a topic for me (It’s up to you but need to relate to economic) – I hope the idea should be created or unique that I can stand out in all of the college admission essays. – Maybe carry new coworker at a restaurant is a leadership experience? – Showing my confident and showing details in this personal statement. – Use past tense, present tense or future tense – Make challenges either from life or academic and how do I overcome them.

Computer science.

Choose 4 out of 8 questions. The link below is the requirement questions for freshmen. Background: I am a high school student. I am an immigrant that live in Unites States already 3 years. Job experience: Volunteering at a kindergarten in summer. Teach children math and communicate with teachers. Internship: working in a small tech company called Hack the Hood in my junior year in summer. At the tech company, I learn about the basic level of programming language such as CSS, HTML and Java Script. I also build the networking with tech people and help the small business to build their own website. I also have 4 business trip and also can communicate with the person work there and learn the what is the function in their tech company. Moreover, I studied HTML programming language to build the website at community college in summer. At my senior year, I still sign up for continuing learning programming language at Hack the Hood as well. My dream job is computer science and I am very passion about it. Education: all A student in my sophomore and junior year except one B at the beginning on my sophomore year. In my junior year: I compete 1 AP computer science, honors Chemistry, honors English. Learning in community college about Web design using HTML language. (A student) My challenges are English is not my first language and learning computer science is also a challenge. Requirement: I hope you can make my college admission essay creative and unique and can stand out in all the college admission. Use past, present and future tense Use some professional vocabulary You can make a story about why am I into computer science. Showing the confidence in the essay. Answer the 4 questions. The words should not be over 350 words in each questions. THANK YOU:)

“Effect of aerobic exercise on mild cognitive impairment among the elderly”

Discuss any gaps in services identified or barriers to services. How do these impact services provided by social workers? A brief summary of the social problem, statistics, risk factors, important assessment items to look for, impact on clients, and treatment/services options. Please keep in mind who your audience is for this presentation (beginning social workers) and purpose to provide an overview of the social problem assigned. Review a minimum of 5 professional/scholarly articles and reputable websites (NIMH, SAMPSA, AMA, etc.) and 3-5 PowerPoint regarding the social problem/issue to provide an overview of the identified social problem to complete a 1-3 page paper that will support the. Writer Please be sure to use bullet points for the slide to include the social problem, statistics, risk factors.