Political Behavior of the American Voter, Increasing Polarization of the Electorate

Graduate Students will prepare a full academic research paper in the study of political behavior. Each student should develop an idea to study and write the assignment as the foundation for a full work of original research. Please use me as a resource for sounding out ideas and way to set up your research design. Once you develop an idea, you must be sure that nobody else has done the research you envision, and then use existing political science research as a backbone for your design. Scientific research is based on building off existing work to make a coherent body of knowledge. After you develop the idea and support your points with the literature, you must tell me what kind of data you will use and how you intend to analyze that data. Finally, you must present analysis of the data and draw conclusions. The paper should be at least 10 pages. Note that you will not be expected to gather data and prepare a full research paper, you are only inventing an idea and explaining how you would test the question you would ask in the paper.