Write a Self-Titled Open Letter to Former President Barack Obama outlining your concerns as it relates to the current state of affairs in Black America

Write a Self-Titled Open Letter to Former President Barack Obama outlining your concerns as it relates to the current state of affairs in Black America. Use class material/discussions to support your points.
Paper must be at least 5 pages long. Read instructions on paper assignments on “course information” tab.
1. Your paper should flow smoothly, which means that how the paper is organized is just as important as the content.
Important points I need you to be attentive to:
1. I expect you will write in a clear and concise manner. I expect that you demonstrate evidence suggesting you have thought deeply about the concept(s) and their implications. If you type this paper the night before it is due, or even two or three days before it is due, the paper will look like it.
2. All papers should conform to APA style. Specifically, double-spaced throughout, title page, header, correct format for citations, and a reference page. The following link can assist you in following the APA style: http://www.docstyles.com/apacrib.htm
3. All papers should be no shorter than 5 full pages of text.
4. As I have stated in the syllabus, papers that are late will not be accepted.
5. Please refer to “Paper assignment” instructions on course information for assistance on how to submit the paper.

General Comments

A paper such as the one you are doing is a form of explanatory writing. This means the paper is intended to develop ideas and communicate information. The paper should be written so that it clearly expresses what you know and intend to write. Although an elegant and graceful style is welcome, a paper of this nature is not an exercise in poetic writing. This means the paper should be written to communicate logically and succinctly rather than to evoke emotional reactions-in other words, the function of this paper is to report in logical fashion your reasoning about an issue and your comments concerning the issue.
This paper is also a piece of formal writing. This means that the style appropriate for this paper differs from everyday conversational style which contains many cursory expressions. Therefore, when you write this paper, avoid using slang and popular expressions such as “with it” meaning “to understand” or “really into it” meaning “very interested in it.” In addition, contractions, such as “don’t” for “do not,” are to be avoided unless you are reporting dialogue.
Careful organization is a major factor in producing a clearly written piece of work. A paper that is well written inevitably creates a better impression than one that is disorganized and awkwardly phrased. One excellent way to produce an organized piece of written work is to use an outline. There are two strategies for using an outline. One is to organize the paper before writing it out in detail by putting your ideas and thoughts into an outline. This outline, then, becomes a writing guide. If this approach is too constraining or you do not have the discipline to use it, then you can write a section of the paper and afterward try to outline what you have written. If you cannot outline a section you have written, then your organization needs improvement. To repeat, unlike poetry, scientific papers should show the marks of clear organization and logical thinking.
Paragraphs also should be well organized. One characteristic of any good paragraph is a topic sentence. Other sentences within a paragraph should be related to the topic sentence and develop the idea stated in the topic sentence. If you examine your paragraphs and cannot state in a sentence what the paragraph is about, then chances are it is about too much or nothing at all. Additionally, you should avoid paragraphs that only contain one or two sentences, because they almost always represent an isolated thought, an out-of-order thought, or a misplaced transition sentence. If you find one- or two-sentence paragraphs in your paper, get rid of them by attaching them to the preceding or following paragraph or deleting them altogether. To summarize, check your paragraphs for topic sentences. If they lack such sentences, then add them. If you cannot formulate one for a paragraph, then re-write the paragraph.
Transition Words and Phrases
Another way to produce a clearly written paper is to pay attention to how you connect sentences within a paragraph and to how you connect paragraphs within a section. The transitions between sentences and paragraphs should be smooth, and consistent with your line of reasoning.